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From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

  1. Regularly reviewing and improving the recruitment and staffing processes is essential. Collecting feedback from clients, candidates, and staff members helps identify areas for improvement and ensures that the services provided remain competitive and aligned with industry trends and requirements.

  2. Overall, providing staff for various industries at competitive rates involves a comprehensive approach that considers industry knowledge, effective sourcing strategies, thorough screening processes, market research for competitive compensation packages, flexibility in negotiations, employer branding, retention strategies, and continuous improvement efforts.

The payroll process begins with collecting and maintaining accurate employee data, including personal information, tax identification numbers, employment contracts,

and any relevant benefits or deductions. Understanding the different types of employment contracts is crucial, as they can impact payroll processing. For example, there may be distinctions between full-time, part-time, temporary, and fixed-term contracts, each with its own legal requirements and benefits entitlements. Maintaining proper records and documentation related to payroll is essential. This includes keeping records of employee contracts, pay slips, tax forms, social security documents, and any other relevant payroll information. Compliance with data protection and privacy regulations is also critical when handling sensitive employee data.

Many companies opt to use payroll software or outsource their payroll processing to specialized service providers. Payroll software can automate calculations, generate pay slips, and facilitate tax and social security reporting. Outsourcing payroll processing to experts can help ensure compliance, accuracy, and timeliness in payroll management.

Advertising of the filling of vacancies.

Interviewing, selection and placements of candidates in employment.

Recruitment persons abroad for employment in Malta or in any E.U.

Recruitment persons in Malta for employment in Malta or in any E.U.

Looking to recruit people on a permanent basis? We offer a number of search and selection options. We tap into our resources and embark on advertising campaigns to reach a local or global audience reach.

Are you looking for the right talent to join your organization? Thanks to our extensive network of candidates who trust us with their job search, we can link you to the best talent locally and abroad.

Give us an overview of your requirements and we will run a search through our database to select the best candidates for your job requirements. We go one step further. Prior to recommending candidates, an industry-specific Recruitment Specialist will interview each candidate to provide you with an overview of the person’s skills, expertise, motivations, expectations and personality traits.

Meet & Define

We get a full understanding of your company, the job vacancy and the candidate profile you are searching for. We want to be your partner in understanding your industry and the challenges you face.

Search & Screen.

We reach out to our candidate network after identifying the best profile matches. Rest assured that our search does not extend to poaching your people to place them elsewhere. Specialist recruiters interview all prospective candidates and hand-pick the ones who have the right competencies for your position as well as personal attributes to fit your organisation’s culture.

Finalise & Appoint.

We present you with a shortlist of candidates with the best fit to the job and will support you to coordinate interviews, shortlist candidates and make the final job offer.

Choosing the right course, university and country for studying abroad is quite challenging for students but as we are associated with the reputed universities across the Europe helps us to provide the best available options to students.

Based in Malta, we As07 recruiters specializes in offering employment opportunities to foreigners interested in working in Europe

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey that will shape your future?

Discover the world of opportunities that await you through studying abroad! 🎓✈️

this is the one if the crucial steps in the entire process of study abroad as it will determine the field of education.

Selecting appropriate course is necessary for shaping student's carrier in right pathway

📚 Unparalleled Education: Gain access to world-class universities and colleges

renowned for their academic excellence. Immerse yourself in diverse learning

environments, cutting-edge research, and innovative teaching methods.

Broaden your knowledge and expand your intellectual horizons!

Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions as you interact with people from different backgrounds. Immerse yourself in new languages, taste exotic cuisines, and forge lifelong friendships that transcend borders.

Step out of your comfort zone and become a global citizen!

💼 Boost Your Career Prospects: Employers highly value the international experience gained through studying abroad.

Stand out from the crowd with a global perspective, intercultural competence, and an impressive network of connections.

Gain a competitive edge and open doors to exciting career opportunities!

🎓 Scholarship Opportunities: Don't let financial constraints hold you back! Many universities and organizations offer scholarships and funding options specifically for international students. Take advantage of these opportunities to turn your dream of studying abroad into a reality.

white concrete building during daytime
white concrete building during daytime

Studying abroad challenges you to become self-reliant and adaptable.

You'll develop invaluable life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and cross-cultural communication.

For Visa, students need to prepare a file with required documents which has a defined order. We assist our students to arrange their file in a requisite order and keep and accurate record of compulsory funds and avoid any kind of mistakes and chances of visa refusal.

Embrace independence and build resilience as you navigate new environments and situations.

🗺️ Travel and Explore: Unleash your wanderlust and use your study abroad experience as a passport to adventure!

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, explore the breathtaking landscapes and historical treasures of your host country.

Create memories that will last a lifetime!

Being your career consultant. We are responsible to undergo all the admission and visa formalities.

To make your study abroad journey simpler, we are having specific departments that can solve your queries efficiently and provide end to end guidance on documents and other requirements.

Travelling covers a huge cost of studying abroad so it is important not to ignore this part and pre booked your air tickets. As we provide end to end services, we can also arrange flight tickets for the student at feasible costs.